Thoughts on The Shining–er, the First Half of It

Well, it’s Saturday and I promised you all an update. As it stands currently, I am only 370 pages into The Shining. There are 660 in my copy. See the problem there? Yeah, me too. It’s not entirely my fault, though. My normal agenda after school is as follows: homework, dinner, an hour of writing, and and hour of reading to close the night. I haven’t been home all that much this week… My family is currently going through a situation that requires me to be gone a lot during the day, so I don’t have time to balance schoolwork and with reading & writing and what not. Also, the whole scenario has put me in a rather foul mood where I don’t feel like doing anything. If you’re religious, I’d really appreciate your prayers. If you aren’t , your thoughts would suffice. I’m not going to delve any deeper than that, but just know that I have been trying to find time.

With all of that introductory stuff aside, it’s time to get down to business. If I had to sum it up in a sentence, it’d be this: The Shining is CREEPY! Only two novels that I’ve ever read have made me check behind my shoulder as I leave a room. This is one of them. They don’t call Stephen King the master of horror for nothing; he earns that title and cements it in stone with this book.

If you live under a rock, I have two things to say:

1) How in the world did you manage to make yourself comfortable under a rock?

2) The Shining takes place at on old hotel in Colorado. Jack Torrence gets a job as winter caretaker of the mysterious Overlook Hotel; it’s a rather spooky place with lots of hidden history. He and his family move in for the winter so Jack can focus on his writing and the family can grow closer. Their child, Danny, is a unique boy who can do unnatural things like find stuff that no one else seems to be able to locate, predict the future…Oh, and he also has this talent where he can see DEAD PEOPLE! Without spoiling anything, all I can really tell you is that some funky stuff happens at the Overlook. I’m not that far into the novel yet, so I don’t know the ending.

This book is pure genius. I think it was like the 4th book Steven King ever published, but it’s definitely close to his best. Every mundane conversation is interesting and well-written. The dialogue in this book is second to none. As I said before, I’ve only been frightened by one other book in my life, but The Shining has done it multiple times.  It’s rather difficult to put down once you get sucked in. In fact, I can hear it calling to me now… Beckoning me to pick it up… I don’t mean to shortchange you guys, but I wanna go read, dang it!

–To make up for lost progress, the next two books will be relatively short. Probably Fahrenheit 451  or something of that nature. As soon as I finish The Shining, I’ll post a full review regardless of the day of the week. I’ll also watch and review the movie sometime as well. Things should get back to normal soon. Until then, thanks for reading and best wishes!

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