The Frustrations of a High School Senior

Care to take a guess on whether or not I have a book done this week? You probably shouldn’t guess, because if you have enough faith in me to say yes, you’d be incorrect-o. Care to take a guess at why? No? Well here it is: School wastes so much of my time that it’s ridiculous. I look at it as a necessary evil, but I’m convinced the format to high school is all wrong. I have very little time every night to do what I want–that includes reading and writing.

A typical day for me goes like this: I wake up at roughly 6:30 in the morning and usually leave my house by 7:40. I’m in school until 3:05, and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I work out after school to get in shape (I played sports looooong ago and now your mother is probably in better shape than I am). On my “off days” I tutor after school until about 4:30, sometimes later. I usually don’t get a start on my schoolwork until 5:30ish, and that’s if I’m lucky.

The only class I really struggle with is calculus. I have never worked so hard in a class and still received the grade that I currently have. I began this year ranked 5th in my class of about 135, (and I was totally content with that) but due to my low math grade I have dropped to 7th—a fact that irritates me to no end. In all other classes I have high A’s. I can fly through the homework. Yet, again, when it comes to Calc, it’s a different story. I usually spend an hour or two on homework per night…most of the time in vain. It is beginning to pay off now, though, because I recently received a high grade on my last test. Anyway, long Calculus sob story short, I spend a lot of my free time doing that homework, and the results aren’t always pretty.

My school problem is only going to get worse. We have missed somewhere around 11 days due to some pretty crappy weather, (and are actually supposed to get ~ 11 inches of snow tonight) so the school board has decided to add an hour to our typical school day, meaning I’d be there until 4:05… Oh joy.

I’m convinced that high school should be like college– a class for three hours one day, a day-long break from said class the next. I’d be able to get much more writing done, and I’d actually have book reviews on time! Aslo, I wouldn’t be taking classes that I’m honestly not that interested in. This is the same complaint I’ve always had about school– If I can’t learn what I want to learn about, it’s fruitless. I need to be able to expand my talents as a writer, not learn how to speak fluent Spanish! I understand the whole concept of being a “well-rounded-scholar,” but I don’t agree with it… I’m not about that “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” business.

On top of all my problems at high school, I also have college to get ready for. I’m already sick of filling out scholarships, and I’ve only completely done about two. I’m telling ya, balancing future-life with school-life with social-life is about enough to drive me mad. I honestly can’t wait until school ends for the year so I can actually do something with my productive. I know all of this sounds like a whiny teenager bitching about how life it “sooooo tough,” but I turned 18 last month so technically I’m a whiny adult. And this is my blog anyway. Hahaha.

I really do appreciate the readership that I have. Thanks for stickin’ with me, everyone. Hopefully by the next time I post I’ll have a book done and news about my novel.

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