“You Done F’d Up”

For a while now, my rule when it comes to this blog thing has been “whatever happens, happens.” The only thing I’ve been a real stickler about is posting. I figured that as long as I posted every Saturday, we’d all be happy. Well, let’s just say this weekend was a loooong one. To quote Bill Duke in Menace II Society, I guess I “done fucked up.”

First off, I only got like four hours of sleep on Friday night, so I crashed right when I got home yesterday. I took periodic naps throughout the day, and I left my house for the night at around 5:30. The weekly blog post was the furthest thing from my mind.

It took me a while to realize it, but when I did I was extremely upset with myself. I couldn’t believe I let it slip! So basically, I have no excuse other than the fact that I just forgot. But hey, I’m human.

Anyway, as it stands now I am almost halfway through the Scientology book. That’s all the further I’m going at this point in time. I’m switching to Veronica Roth’s Divergent so I can be ready for the movie that comes out later this month. I’ll finish Going Clear later, but I should be able to have a review of Divergent up soon. It’s fiction, so I shouldn’t have to push myself as much.

I’ve also watched the movie version of The Shining, and I need to post a review soon, but I have no idea when I’ll find the time. Senior year of high school is a stressful thing! It’s getting to me in terrible, terrible ways!

So what did we learn today, kiddos? That I am forgetful? Check. That I’m lazy? Unfortunately. I can guarantee you one thing, though. I’m sure as hell not boring so if you stick around (I SWEAR I’LL PUT OUT A NICE POST NEXT WEEK) you aren’t gonna regret a thing.

I’m sorry for these last few posts. I still have some time-management skills to learn. Anyway, I am still tired from this weekend, so I’m gonna take a nice long nap. Then, I’ll start Divergent. Peace out, my homies.

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