About this week…

Some of you more observant types may have noticed that I didn’t post a story update yesterday. Believe me, I have a great excuse.

For one, I graduated from high school on Saturday. That’s kind of a big thing. The rest of that day was spent hanging out with my classmates and having fun. Also, my own Open House was yesterday. I had no time to do anything else.

Here’s the big one, though. My laptop broke earlier this week. The charger port went out and the only way I can charge it is to swap the battery in my brother’s computer. It’s a pain. I am going to get it fixed ASAP. Expect an update by Sunday.

I know this was an incredibly short post, but typing from my phone is annoying, and I really don’t have all that much to say. I just wanted to let you guys know the situation in case you’re getting antsy. Thanks for being patient.

Here’s a link to the latest installment in my story if ya missed it: Part 5

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