new year


Sometimes I do this thing where I completely forget a have a website. Other times I remember it, but I have nothing of note to say, so I don’t say anything. This was a combination of those times, but it doesn’t really matter cause I’ve been away for a while regardless.

When I last left you wonderful people, I had recently published my short story, Just A Thing, on Amazon. It did relatively well in the week I made it free, (I even hit #19 on the free kindle store for short fiction on the day it was published!) and I’ve somehow managed to get a couple poor, unfortunate, souls to shell out real money to read what I make up. (Love you guys <3)

That’s all said and done. For the past few months, I’ve basically churned out nothing of note, unless you count a few English papers in which I made incredibly bone-headed claims and managed to get A’s on. Fiction-wise, though? I don’t have jack shit. A couple of short story beginnings, a few more ideas piled up in the never ending word doc on my computer I like to call “Story ideas,” and even more shattered dreams. But oh well.

I’m writing this post not so much as an update to those of you who still follow this blog, but more so as a contract with myself. Recently, I’ve come up with a few pretty damn good ideas for short stories, and I think it’s more than doable to publish another one this year. That’s why I’m going bigger. My goal for the rest of 2016 is to publish 3 more short stories on Amazon. That’ll be four total, and if I can get that done I’ll feel pretty damn good about myself. I’m very pleased with the way things are going right now– so pleased that I’m going to go ahead and assume I’ll have the first one done by the end of May at the absolute latest. Mark your calendars, cause this should be a good one.

Man, I feel really bad for writing a post with little to no content in it after an absence of so long, but I really don’t have anything else. Here’s the part where I just thank you all for your continued support and shamelessly beg for retweets on this link so I can reach a wider audience.

Or, ya know, you can do whatcha want. Just know that I am going to make 2016 my bitch, and I’m bringing you guys along for the ride.

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