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Sometimes I do this thing where I completely forget a have a website. Other times I remember it, but I have nothing of note to say, so I don’t say anything. This was a combination of those times, but it doesn’t really matter cause I’ve been away for a while regardless.

When I last left you wonderful people, Continue reading

My Dinner with Jonathan Franzen



I got the news a couple weeks ago. It started like any other day. I was bored after classes, and there was no way in hell I was going to start my homework— it was naptime. As is customary, I logged onto my laptop so I could check my email to ensure that I wasn’t missing out on some super-important club meeting that I wasn’t going to attend anyway. My inbox was full of the usual junk: the school newspaper, emails from professors about my classes, porn advertisements, (kidding) the works, until I stumbled upon an email with the subject header that read: You’re Invited to Have Dinner With Writers From the Visiting Writers Series, RSVP. I was ecstatic.

For those of you who don’t know, I attend Butler University in Indianapolis. Each year, they run a program called the Visiting Writers Series, where famous authors from around the country come and speak to the people on campus. The next morning, the author hosts a student-only Q&A in the creative writing center. In past years, Butler has had some pretty big names come to town: Tim O’ Brien, Margaret Atwood, and Jennifer Egan, to name a few. This year, there were some people I’d never heard of before, and one name I had: Jonathan Franzen was scheduled to come on October 28th. Continue reading

Where I’ve Been— And What’s Coming



In college, one of the first questions you get asked when you meet someone new is “What’s your major?” or “What are you studying?” When I tell people that my major is English, the conversation usually goes something a little like this:

“Oh, so do you want to be a teacher?” they ask.

“No, I want to write novels,” I reply.

“Oh, that’s really cool! What kinds of stories do you write?”

This question always freezes me because there’s an honest answer, and then there’s the one I always tell people. I always tell people I write horror stories, because for the longest time, I did write horror stories. Currently, though, and the more accurate answer to the question, I don’t write jackshit. But that’s about to change. Continue reading

About this week…

Some of you more observant types may have noticed that I didn’t post a story update yesterday. Believe me, I have a great excuse.

For one, I graduated from high school on Saturday. That’s kind of a big thing. The rest of that day was spent hanging out with my classmates and having fun. Also, my own Open House was yesterday. I had no time to do anything else.

Here’s the big one, though. My laptop broke earlier this week. The charger port went out and the only way I can charge it is to swap the battery in my brother’s computer. It’s a pain. I am going to get it fixed ASAP. Expect an update by Sunday.

I know this was an incredibly short post, but typing from my phone is annoying, and I really don’t have all that much to say. I just wanted to let you guys know the situation in case you’re getting antsy. Thanks for being patient.

Here’s a link to the latest installment in my story if ya missed it: Part 5



A photo from the horrible incident

Today, 40 something high school students are facing suspension after a harmless prank. The students, members of the 2014 graduating class, are in hot water after assembling in the school parking lot to eat breakfast and hang out before school. They parked like idiots to spark a reaction from classmates. It worked.

Other students were appalled by the situation. “Who knew cars could park sideways?!?” The basketball star tweeted in frustration… But that’s nothing compared to his frustration when he doesn’t get a foul call.

Seniors expressed their anger as well, likening the joke to “kumbaya” and calling it “stupid.” What really takes the cake, though, is what the front office did. All students have been suspended and their rights to walk at graduation have been revoked. Not a single participating senior can walk, cutting down the already small class size to about 90.

Authorities could not be reached for comment.

When does a harmless fun time go too far? That’s the question we must ask ourselves. What’s next for this rowdy bunch of seniors? Some say they should be placed on the no-fly list due to suspected terrorism. Others suggest rehab, because only people whose brains are fried from drugs would do something so outlandish. One thing is for sure, though: Don’t fuck with school parking lots, because you might end up getting everyone’s panties in a bunch.

I Believe in the Written Word





Realllly long and complicated story short: I’ve had a helluva weekend. It’s been loads of fun. On weekends like this, I usually don’t have time to write all that much. As I sat down earlier today to think of a blog post, I began to fall asleep at the keyboard because I didn’t get enough shut-eye on the nights prior.

Once I woke up from my 3 and a half hour nap, I tried my hand at this again… It’s been like an hour and I still don’t have much. I try to keep most of my posts somewhat writing-affiliated, and nothing new was coming to mind. I did, however, find an old essay from my junior year of high school that I’d like to share. Continue reading

“You Done F’d Up”

For a while now, my rule when it comes to this blog thing has been “whatever happens, happens.” The only thing I’ve been a real stickler about is posting. I figured that as long as I posted every Saturday, we’d all be happy. Well, let’s just say this weekend was a loooong one. To quote Bill Duke in Menace II Society, I guess I “done fucked up.” Continue reading

The Frustrations of a High School Senior

Care to take a guess on whether or not I have a book done this week? You probably shouldn’t guess, because if you have enough faith in me to say yes, you’d be incorrect-o. Care to take a guess at why? No? Well here it is: School wastes so much of my time that it’s ridiculous. I look at it as a necessary evil, but I’m convinced the format to high school is all wrong. I have very little time every night to do what I want–that includes reading and writing. Continue reading

Big News!

El oh el. Ha ha ha.

I’m not going to beat around the bush this week: I still have not finished that Scientology book. I like it; I’m just not done. I had a problem this week; said problem prohibited me from reading. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a pretty good problem to have.

I started my first novel. All the work I spent on Presidents’ Day led to the first few pages of my baby. I have high hopes of finishing this one, although it could very easily wind up novella-length. I have yet to know exactly where it’s going, but I’ll make sure to keep you all posted. I’m pretty pumped.

As for the short story that I said I’d have done: It kind of is. It’s nothing new, but I think it’s probably publishable. I wrote it for a Writer’s Digest contest sometime last year. I didn’t win anything, but I’m still pretty proud of it…the only reason I hesitate to put it on the web is because it is rather vulgar and I have family members that don’t really approve of that stuff, so trying to convince them to read something that says “fuck” a few times wouldn’t be the easiest thing in the world. I’m going to ask my writer-friend to look it over and see what he thinks… I may end up rewriting the damn thing all together, but the story will find its way on the interwebs one day soon.

On a more personal note, I’ve narrowed my college choices down to two. Originally, I was trying to get into Columbia University to pursue my BA in English. I’m no longer doing that,(I’ll never know if I would have actually been admitted or not) and instead I’m going to study at either Butler University or IU. I have yet to decide, but I’m sure I’ll be able to develop anywhere I go.

I know this wasn’t a book review, (and if you followed me strictly for those I apologize; they will be back!) but it was all stuff I needed to say. You might have been able to do without the college details, but this is my website and I like to talk about what’s going on in my life. It beats talking to my dog, anyway.

PS- The whole reading thing will continue…but, it’s going to have to take a backseat to my novel and other writing projects. I may just cut the list down to what I have now. It all depends.