A photo from the horrible incident

Today, 40 something high school students are facing suspension after a harmless prank. The students, members of the 2014 graduating class, are in hot water after assembling in the school parking lot to eat breakfast and hang out before school. They parked like idiots to spark a reaction from classmates. It worked.

Other students were appalled by the situation. “Who knew cars could park sideways?!?” The basketball star tweeted in frustration… But that’s nothing compared to his frustration when he doesn’t get a foul call.

Seniors expressed their anger as well, likening the joke to “kumbaya” and calling it “stupid.” What really takes the cake, though, is what the front office did. All students have been suspended and their rights to walk at graduation have been revoked. Not a single participating senior can walk, cutting down the already small class size to about 90.

Authorities could not be reached for comment.

When does a harmless fun time go too far? That’s the question we must ask ourselves. What’s next for this rowdy bunch of seniors? Some say they should be placed on the no-fly list due to suspected terrorism. Others suggest rehab, because only people whose brains are fried from drugs would do something so outlandish. One thing is for sure, though: Don’t fuck with school parking lots, because you might end up getting everyone’s panties in a bunch.

I Believe in the Written Word





Realllly long and complicated story short: I’ve had a helluva weekend. It’s been loads of fun. On weekends like this, I usually don’t have time to write all that much. As I sat down earlier today to think of a blog post, I began to fall asleep at the keyboard because I didn’t get enough shut-eye on the nights prior.

Once I woke up from my 3 and a half hour nap, I tried my hand at this again… It’s been like an hour and I still don’t have much. I try to keep most of my posts somewhat writing-affiliated, and nothing new was coming to mind. I did, however, find an old essay from my junior year of high school that I’d like to share. Continue reading

“You Done F’d Up”

For a while now, my rule when it comes to this blog thing has been “whatever happens, happens.” The only thing I’ve been a real stickler about is posting. I figured that as long as I posted every Saturday, we’d all be happy. Well, let’s just say this weekend was a loooong one. To quote Bill Duke in Menace II Society, I guess I “done fucked up.” Continue reading

The Frustrations of a High School Senior

Care to take a guess on whether or not I have a book done this week? You probably shouldn’t guess, because if you have enough faith in me to say yes, you’d be incorrect-o. Care to take a guess at why? No? Well here it is: School wastes so much of my time that it’s ridiculous. I look at it as a necessary evil, but I’m convinced the format to high school is all wrong. I have very little time every night to do what I want–that includes reading and writing. Continue reading