The Frustrations of a High School Senior

Care to take a guess on whether or not I have a book done this week? You probably shouldn’t guess, because if you have enough faith in me to say yes, you’d be incorrect-o. Care to take a guess at why? No? Well here it is: School wastes so much of my time that it’s ridiculous. I look at it as a necessary evil, but I’m convinced the format to high school is all wrong. I have very little time every night to do what I want–that includes reading and writing. Continue reading

Review: A Clockwork Orange


I’m slowly discovering why the classics are deemed the classics. While all of them are in unique and interesting worlds, they all seem to have a certain flair about them. Many times, the plot (on an extremely dumbed-down basis) is largely the same. Dystopian futures seem all too common, and after reading a few of these, the plots can get predictable. Maybe that’s why they’re the classics; I don’t know. Continue reading

Review: Edgar Allen Poe


As I said in my Fahrenheit 451 review, when I tackled the works of Edgar Allen Poe I would choose five stories, a mix of the well known and not-so-well known. I only kept half of that promise. Continue reading

Review: Fahrenheit 451



fahrenheit451I finally read the novel that all of my classmates had to read last year in 11th grade English. I finally dove into Ray Bradbury’s classic tale about burning classic tales. I finally met Guy Montag and Faber. The only thing I could think about was this: Fahrenheit 451 is strikingly similar to George Orwell’s 1984. Continue reading

Review: The Shining


As I wrote the other day, I wasn’t quite done with The Shining. I was a little over halfway, but you can read about all that garbage here. Anyway, thanks to a little help from the weather and my school superintendent, I was able to finish the book early this morning. (Just a warning: If you were too lazy to click the link earlier, you may want to do it now. I’m not going to go over anything I touched upon in that post.  Continue reading

Thoughts on The Shining–er, the First Half of It

Well, it’s Saturday and I promised you all an update. As it stands currently, I am only 370 pages into The Shining. There are 660 in my copy. See the problem there? Yeah, me too. It’s not entirely my fault, though. My normal agenda after school is as follows: homework, dinner, an hour of writing, and and hour of reading to close the night. I haven’t been home all that much this week… Continue reading

Review: The Hobbit


There’s this little part of me that always wants to be told a story. I’m not talking about the kind you can read in a book; I’m referring to something such as a bedtime story, where another person is talking to you and continually asking if you remember this and that. You know, like parents and grandparents do. J. R.R. Tolkien filled that void in my heart with The Hobbit.  Continue reading